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Hormone Therapy

  • Estrogen

  • Progesterone

  • Testosterone

Estrogen and Progesterone are the most effective treatments for moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes, night sweats) that may occur in menopausal women.

Testosterone therapy is used to treat low libido in postmenopausal women. Although not FDA approved for women, it has been endorsed by many leading medical societies for this treatment.

Hormone therapies are available in the form of gels, creams, patches, oral capsules, injectables and pellets. There are systemic treatments for the whole body and local vaginal treatments only depending upon your symptoms and needs.

What Are Bioidentical Hormones ?

Bioidentical Hormones is a term which refers to hormones similar to or identical to what your body was producing. They are the safest and most commonly prescribed hormones. Many FDA approved Bioidentical hormone products are now available at conventional pharmacies and covered by insurance plans. Alternatively, some patients prefer to use the custom compounded ones made at a Compounding Pharmacy. There are some advantages and disadvantages to the custom compounded products and we recommend a more detailed discussion with your health care provider about this.

Which Treatment is Best for Me ?

Reviewing all the possible treatment options, benefits, side effects, and possible risks with hormone therapy is important before starting treatment. It is best to have a complete evaluation including a review of your medical history, family history, a gynecologic exam, blood work including hormone levels, and a mammogram prior to starting hormone therapy.

For healthy women aged younger than 60 years with bothersome hot flashes who are within 10 years of menopause, the benefits of Hormone Therapy generally outweigh the risks.

There is no one treatment for all patients. We work with each woman to develop a customized treatment plan that is safest and meets their needs.


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